Samsung HWMS651 Premium Wireless TV Soundbar, Silver



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Premium Wireless TV Soundbar with Distortion Cancelling Technology Discover stunning sound that’s made for movies and impressive audio that breathes life into TV. From crisp high notes to warm and life-like tones, three tweeters and six mid-range breathe life into the latest blockbusters and all of your favourite TV shows. Make every seat the best seat in the house with sound that stretches further and High-Resolution Playback that allows you to listen to studio-quality audio. Even every element is crafted to fit more sound into your home with a one-body design that packs in more impressive audio than ever before. Sleek and stylish, it saves space where multiple speakers would clutter up a room. Then when you want your playlist to follow you around your home, wirelessly connect any Samsung Smart Speaker to your Smart Soundbar with ease. Creating a stunning home entertainment system is just as easy. Wirelessly team the HW-MS650/1 with the picture quality of a Samsung TV and surround yourself with sound and a world-class picture. Then control both your TV and Smart Soundbar seamlessly from a single Samsung remote and discover a whole new world of entertainment at your fingertips.   Feel the deep bass Hear deeper bass. Samsung’s Distortion Cancelling technology predicts and cancels out distortion before it happens, giving you deeper and more detailed bass without the need for a separate subwoofer. Simple sounds beautiful Sound⺠is simply beautiful. Samsung audio technologies deliver rich, room- filling home theater sound without the need for a separate subwoofer. With a premium design and an elegant single mount option, Sound⺠becomes one with your TV and brings your entire home cinema experience together like never before. Sound that fills the room and moves every listener Exclusive technologies blend advanced sound processing and precise speaker control to deliver just the right level of bass. Sound⺠delivers all-around perfect sound, no matter where you are in the room thanks to Samsung’s Wide Range Tweeter.   Don’t just hear it. Feel it. Distortion Cancelling technology predicts and cancels out distortion before it happens. Multi-speaker control increases the power and depth of bass by precisely coordinating the movement of each speaker. The result is richer, more detailed bass.  Wireless connection with TV Connect your Soundbar to your Samsung TV* with ease and without the clutter of wires via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You’ll be able to enjoy all your content instantly with clearer, more impactful sound. A truly seamless 4K experience With 4K Pass-through, a simple HDMI® connection delivers the best in audio and picture quality. Connect any 4K video source like a UHD Blu-ray player, through the Samsung Sound⺠Soundbar to your TV for rich sound and 4K picture quality.  

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